Technological Advancement in Home and Private Security

During the 1950s and 60s, movies envisioned a future where talking robots were the height of private security. Thankfully, modern security systems are a far from the bulky mechanical robots pictured in those movies!

You may be surprised to learn just how advanced home security systems are today, and where the future of private security is heading. Here’s a look at some of the top trends and technological advancements in home security.

Wireless Security Systems

Today almost all of our entertainment and communication devices operate using wireless internet. Our smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computers all use wireless technology. But did you know that private security systems also make use of this technology?

One example of this is wireless sensors. Just like regular sensors, these can be attached to windows, and doors.
Wireless security cameras also exist for larger properties and businesses that require surveillance.

The advantage of wireless sensors is that installation is quick and easy. There’s no wiring involved, they can be attached to walls with adhesive tape, detached, moved around, or taken with you if you move home.

Many brands also connect you to your wireless control system and to your smartphone using an app. Thus allowing you to see which sensor has been triggered, even when not at home.

Integrated Systems and the Smart Home

Just like wireless sensors, modern security systems also make use of the technology already in your home. For example, some security systems can be wired to your lighting. If an intruder enters your home and sets off an alarm, the lights will also flash on and off – drawing attention to the situation.

Technology development show  that we are heading towards fully integrated households where everything from the webcam on your PC to your refrigerator will be integrated into your home security system.

We can already integrate your security and entertainment systems to see and hear what’s happening at home through the cameras and microphones already installed in your television, tablet, or gaming system.

Today with smart homes you can lock and unlock doors, turn devices on and off, manage the temperature, alarms, and sensors in your home, all from your smartphone. Smart homes can also detect which family members are in your house, and who may be an intruder.

Robots – The future is here

We are far from the bulky mechanical robots pictured in the 1950s and 60s movies but nonetheless bots are here ! As more and more homes, companies and businesses make use of automated systems, bots and drones, we can safely say that we have stepped into the future.

Today technology allows great advancement, easy integration and inter communication. Computers and software are becoming fully integrated systems with easily operated powerful data gathering and crunching software, backed up online, in the cloud and shared through encrypted networks where ever you are, whenever you want, making its data easily accessible, permanently, wirelessly through your smart phones. We have come a long way from the 1950s!